August 15, 2007


Don't worry, it's just the sound of a bottle of champagne being popped open.

Everything seems to be fixed for my new job: woohoo!!

And details for those who are interested, I'll be going back to the type of work I was partly doing for a while in Tokyo. In a way very much the sort of thing I've been looking for.
To be more precise, I'll be working on facilitating international trade from the Netherlands to a few countries in Asia (South Korea, Malaysia & Afghanistan - yes, a very odd combination). I start in a few weeks and am very excited.

But first, I'm off to book a (well-deserved?) holiday.

Oh, and thanks for sticking with the blog despite all the venting here at times!


fenneke said...


machiruda said...

arigatou! (*^-^*)

Cookie time said...

helemaal super! pink drinks to be drunk soon!! ;-)

Andreas said...

'grats! :^)