August 18, 2007

Summer in Amsterdam

I spent Thursday night tucked in under a big blanket, underneath an umbrella, but in a sun chair and in a beachy atmosphere. Well, the beachy atmosphere was gone by the time it started raining (see mention of umbrella).

But, before that I did manage to take a few pictures across the water at this outdoor cinema. The light was amazing but I don't think the pictures capture it well enough. I love all the new development on the IJ in Amsterdam, and this shows a little bit of what they're doing (the eastside of the station is much more 'ready' though, this side is mostly a lot of construction and cranes still).


Cookie time said...

gorgeous pics!

machiruda said...

Thanks! Wanted to take more (there are a few more on flickr) but thought I had better things to do than take pictures at that moment ;-)

mitsutaka said...

hi machiruda,

it's been for a while:)
when i saw this pics,i felt nostalgia.why i felt it?why can't the past just die? a sweet memories....i'll go to holland meanwhile.

From tokyo