June 17, 2007


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I spent part of today discovering a part of my own country unknown to me: the Betuwe. Despite me flying off to various parts of the world over the last few years, I'm determined to also see more of my own country at the same time. Today was kind of accidental, but turned out to be very nice.

During the next two/three months I have at least a hiking weekend planned in Overijssel, a barbecue weekend in Zeeland and a reunion weekend in Friesland. All in parts of the country that I've never really visited so am quite looking forward to those weekends (even if the main aim is not exactly sightseeing)!

This picture is one of my favourites of the afternoon - a stork watching over its nest. I really like the combination with the dark, threatening sky in the background.

And some more pictures of the day below....


Mabs said...

Oh machi, thanks so much for posting the pic of the clumber!

We used to have them and they are the most beautiful dogs.

machiruda said...

Mabs, good that you posted the second line also... I had no idea what you meant after reading your first line! ;-)

The dog, a clumber apparently?, was too cute, couldn't resist a picture.

Mabs said...

Yep, clumber spaniels, shooting dogs.