June 26, 2007


I seem to have lost all inspiration for blogging lately. Not sure why, I think I'm too busy with other stuff.

Things are good though, I think:
  • of the bbq's I mentioned below, one was rained upon heavily, the second was wisely cancelled, the third one is expected to be sunless and wet as well.
  • more fun stuff this week: seeing Pearl Jam! I saw them over 10 years ago, as the first major live gig for me to see. So, this will be one big nostalgia trip I think :-D
  • just home from a totally bizarre movie: Inland Empire by David Lynch. I think I need to sleep on it for a night before deciding what I actually think of it other than BIZARRE.
  • no more guy-stuff to complicate things for a while - which is very good actually (sorry, no more juicy details to share for this story...).
  • I'm busy trying to find ways to pull off a 'new & improved' machi. I think I finally got kicked into action last week although now I just need to figure out how to make it work.
  • although I'm very confident that this jobhunting crap WILL finish someday, I can't quite imagine anymore what it's like to not have to constantly be on the look-out for interesting vacancies, to not feel guilty anymore about not writing new application letters etc etc.
  • one week to go until dental surgery :-/ I was completely freaking out about this last year, this time around I've hardly given it any thought so far which is very good.
  • I cannot believe that I've been writing this blog for over 2,5 years already and it's still up and running....
Okay, not sure if the above summarizes into 'life is good' but weirdly enough it does feel like it.

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jojoebi said...

Hi There stranger!
Just stumbler across you blog, so in the process I will tag you, if you check my blog under meme you will see the rules of play!
Hope everything is going well, we are in the process of building a house, so you are invited to the house warming, if you are in the area!