June 05, 2007


The above pictures are the view from my hotel last night. They're not as good as I was hoping they would be, but still, a pretty good view if you ask me.

But anyway, Rotterdam. I've been going there more regularly lately but it's still a city I don't understand. I'm only ever there to see a movie, or a concert, or whatever but never really in the city. Everytime I go, I get a stronger feeling that the place has potential. It is starting to feel like the kind of city that has some really cool places to go out at, to eat at, etc. if you only would know how to find them. Which clearly I don't. Yet.

Passing across the Erasmus bridge yesterday though, and seeing the architecture and so on in that area, the city has definitely done a great job on putting on a new image. It's definitely on my list of places to get to know better!

Speaking of Rotterdam, for more and regular shots of the city, check out this photoblog.

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