August 21, 2006

As an example...

Cheruchan wrote a post recently about a political debate that we attended last week.

Very interesting actually, but she describes it much better than I could in my current chaotic state of mind.

However, besides reflecting on the issues that were discussed, it did make me think again about another possibility for putting some more direction back into my life: joining a political party.

I've thought about it before, and after having been talked to enthusiastically by some people of the local Labour party the idea is back in my head.

I'm still in doubt though - on the one hand it seems like a good opportunity to get to know this type of organization, build up a network, be involved in something in the community etc. And all of those are things I am looking for. On the other hand, it seems too opportunist to only join because of the networking opportunities and I'm not sure if there is any party that I can agree with for almost all of their arguments which is something that I do think is necessary.

At least it's giving me something to think about. Especially with elections coming up at the end of November this would be a good time to join if I want to actually do something. Unfortunately - as a friend pointed out - this will mostly involve being one of those annoying people handing out unwanted flyers when you're out shopping. Hmm.

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