August 16, 2006

Dutch hills

When I started out this blog, I was quite intent on making it a blog with something more than just recounting Tokyo-adventures and the quirks of Japan and in general my life. Over the past 1,5 years I think I've pretty much given up on that!

I might make a new attempt but for now I'll stick to travel for a while. This year is turning out to be a pretty good year as far as travel is concerned so I should be able to add some more things.

My latest travel adventure: three days hiking in the eastern part of the Netherlands!

I sometimes forget how pretty my own country is. My mum and I went to the area of Nijmegen and - surprisingly - it's really hilly and not flat at all! Included in the weekend was a rivercrossing by ferry, lovely pancakes at an outdoor cafe, great food in a small village and some historical education: the National Liberation Museum and the following day a visit to a Canadian cemetery. These last two were actually very impressive.

Unfortunately no real pictures as I've been lazy and haven't got a camera yet (but am looking!).

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Cookie time said...

don't we just have a beautiful country?!