August 28, 2006


Okay, just quickly as there's a queue but yay, I'm here!

It's hot, dusty, humid, but very cool!

Am surprising myself by being adventurous and walking into food places by myself without understand what in the world I'm eating. And that with jetlag. It should get even better when I've caught up on sleep.


Jules said...


Have a fantastic time in China - I am really looking forward to reading all about it.

And if in doubt about the food, do as I did, which was to point at what other people were eating (hey - if you're going to be stared at for being a foreigner, you might as well give people a story to tell later as well "and then, this foreign woman came up and stared at what I was eating and pointed at it!")

Cookie time said...

so glad to hear you arrived safely!! You'll have an amazing time with probably amazing stories to tell afterwards. And you'll do even better than you'd imagined!! Enjoy your time Machi!!

cheruchan said...

Good to hear that you have arrived safely :) Enjoy, enjoy!! Ik ben Jaloers!!! xxchelle

machiruda said...

Thanks girls :-)

More later, when I've got some time to properly fill up the blog and I'm not holding up the queue (sp?) of people in the hostel