August 31, 2006


(travel notes from the train - don't know what I have with 'vibes' at the moment, but like the word)

Finally, the travel vibe has set in. I'm writing from the Tibet -train - oxygen outlet next to my pillow - and waiting to depart for my next stop: Xi'an.

I've been looking forward to this trip for weeks, but somehow arriving in Beijing didn't feel half as exciting as it usually is to arrive in a new city. Maybe it was anxiety that didn't properly disappear or something when I realized that Beijing was less scary? No idea, but the vibe (travel, in this case) wasn't there.

Somehow this has changed. Strange, as today was a day full of unexpectedness. Or maybe that's exactly why it's changed.

Now it's all good. Meeting new people, packing up things for a new trip, and walking into a huge station not knowing where to go but being sure you'll be in a new place the next day. The kind of stuff that travel is about.

Waiting in the station in Beijing was confusing but loads of fun. Random people who start talking to you, masses of people waiting for the train etc. And this train that I'm on is pretty cool. Too bad I won't be taking it to its destination: Lhasa.

Anyway, I'm expecting this vibe to stick around. Which means I'm heading out to Gansu. More news from there, hopefully?

(postscript, clearly my last question was too early)

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