November 24, 2009

Vegetable Overload

One of the things I started doing when I moved into my new house was take a 'subscription' on a weekly vegetablebag from the local eco-supermarket (unrelated to the No Impact Week, even!).

I'm really enjoying it. Although I don't mind cooking, I'm not very creative in my kitchen and usually make something standard with mushrooms/leek/zucchini/bell pepper.

For the past month or so I haven't been able to cook with that combination at all - I can't remember when I had my foolproof, unimaginative pasta-with-veggies-and-sauce for dinner last. Because at the moment I'm forced to cook with parsnips, brussel sprouts, endive, winter purslane (winterpostelein in Dutch, no idea what this is in English), cabbage, beets etc etc.

This means that most nights when I eat at home I need to find a recipe and work with that. And it is actually working!

Or rather, it would really work if I'd eat at home more often. I realized today that I really have an overdosis of vegetables at home right now. If anyone has any bright ideas on what to make with all this food that can freeze? I'd love to hear! (and yes, I down-graded to a smaller selection as of next week)

Still, fun though!


chimera said...

I had the same problem when I had the same type of weekly veggie basket, especially in the winter when you seem to get mostly root vegetables and cabbage for months on end... Soup is always a good way to use up a mixture of vegetables. Or stews. If you're lucky enough to get parsnips, they're lovely roasted and served as a side dish. Thai curry with lots of vegetables is also a favorite - fry up ready-bought curry paste, add coconut milk, and simmer the vegetables in that sauce until tender.

Cooks said...

I second the soup idea. But also a vegetable lasagne would work (and freeze) really well. Or try a vegetable fritatta with any of the leftover veggies