November 10, 2009

More inspiration

Over the past few weeks I've been talking and thinking with different people about sustainability, and 'greening up' my life a bit. Not because I'm being swept up by the hype, or because I want to be the next environmental hippie. But because it makes sense to use a little less energy if I don't need it, to eat vegetables which aren't sprayed with pesticides or flown half way across the world if we can grow them here, to use the stairs a bit more often.

So I was very curious to see cheruchan's stories about her No Impact Experiment.

It coincided with my trial subscription to a 'vegetable basket' - a weekly bag full of fresh vegetables, from local (or sometimes not-so-local) farms. Apart from it being healthy, it's also forcing me to expand my culinary comfort zone. I've cooked with parsnips, red beets, misome - for the first time ever during the past week. Challenging - but fun, at the same time.

This week, of course, I started my own No Impact Week - so far so good. Even if I haven't been able to completely dismiss trash out of my life.

Today I came home to a very surprising package in my mailbox: A Life Stripped Bare. It seems that No Impact Man wasn't the only one with the idea to live Impact-free for a while... Looking forward to this read!

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