November 08, 2009

Day 1: Consumption

The first day of my No Impact Experiment is about consumption - and listing the things you need to buy that week. But do you really need those things?

I cheated a little bit as I didn't exactly start immediately when I got up (part of today is also collecting trash). When I did get around to making my list I got stuck very quickly.... I'm either doing something wrong - or I have a very low intensity consumption week ahead of me.

The only things I could think of that I needed to get where new tights and a baby gift for friends. Apart from the 'necessary' stuff = food.

Do I really buy so little? Hmm.

One dilemma was: do I list the new sofa that is arriving on Friday? I still need to pay it off on Friday so technically it is a new purchase this week. But the purchase itself was already months ago - and I can't really do anything about it now.

I also chose to list only material items. Then again, buying tickets for a dance performance on Wednesday is also 'consumption' - except that I'm not spending that money on something tangible. Or do I need to take into account how 'sustainable' that particular dance troupe is? If so, buying tickets will need a lot of research beforehand...

To get back to my very short list: instead of buying something standard from HEMA or somesuch for the new baby boy, I'm using a friend's Etsy shop for something original & cute. Much better - even without this challenge!

[edit - 10 minutes later - I just realized buying something from a friend's Etsy will make a great gift. But it's going to be sent over from Japan. Hmmm. Not a very good score on day one huh.]

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