November 23, 2009

No Impact - how it ended

Uhoh - I realized I never continued my daily No Impact posts.

I guess part of it is due to guilt - the last couple of days became a lot harder to properly 'do'. Day #5 was 'energy', day #6 was 'water'.

But on those days I was also pretty much constantly out of the house which made it almost impossible (excuses, excuses - I know). But fact is, I can't turn off the lights in my office - they are always on in every room. And I need my computer also.

Then again, I could've done better: planned my dinner instead of rushing out of the office to pick up some snacks before jumping on a train to an evening event. And drinking coffee from plastic at that event! Eek!

Complete failure. Right?

The water-day, I'm embarrassed to admit, wasn't much different - I suppose it is also to do with not wanting to sacrifice some things: like a dishwasher and a washing machine.

But it's not all bad news - even now that I've finished, I do pay more attention to what I do: not buying unnecessary plastic, buying biological food and eating local as much as I can, taking the stairs instead of the elevator - and of course doing the usual things that make sense: turn off the light in rooms I'm not using, keep the doors closed so the heat won't leave the different rooms etc.

And I think that's what I wanted to get out of it also - a better sense of what you can pay attention to, and awareness of what you can do (even if I'm not losing my washing machine).

Another good thing: I sent out the manual to loads of people, spoke to a lot of colleagues about it, and did a speech on it last week. So: Impact. I hope :)

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