November 10, 2009

Day 3: Transportation

Ah... an easy one! I don't have a car, and since I had no out-of-town appointments I could happily cycle to and from work. I've not been in an elevator either today, but that's helped by the fact I never have to be higher up than the fifth floor, which is still somewhat manageable.

The trick is everything stacking up. Today is not just about transportation, but also about not creating any trash, and no consumption. Whereas yesterday was fine without trash, that was partly lucky: dinner was Sunday's leftovers. Today, however, I did need to shop for new food. I had to go to the eco-shop anyway to get my vegetables for the week (only one thing in there I didn't recognize this week luckily). But it's amazing to find that even in that supermarket almost everything is wrapped in plastic!

So it becomes a choice of either eating very very basic meals (and even then it gets tricky) or just trying to stick to a minimum usage of plastic for biological products (such as parmesan cheese for tonight's risotto...).

Tomorrow is food - no clue yet what the challenge is exactly. And am curious to see what comes after that.

So far I seem to be coping. Or maybe I'm not strict enough on myself?

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