November 09, 2009

Day 2: No Trash

After an 'easy' first day of the No Impact Experiment, today was a bit harder. The challenge was to not create any trash during the day.

And although for the most part I could manage fairly well (bring a mug to the office, eat fruit instead of wrapped snacks) I've discovered that living 'sustainably' takes planning.

For instance, although I think I could manage lunch reasonably well in my office canteen without anything plastic - I need to have time to actually sit down upstairs and eat. And not have only 15 minutes in which to rush upstairs, start wondering what I could possibly take back to my desk: because I couldn't resort to the other stuff like salad, soup, warm meals which would all be served on actual plates and stuff.

Oh well, more luck tomorrow if I manage to find some time.

What I did notice is that I've started paying attention mroe to things. And for me, this week is mostly about that: thinking about living 'greener' and becoming aware of what I would do otherwise, and what little things I can (and want to) change.

I was actually feeling guilty about having to use paper coffeecups to get coffee/tea for my guests today. Maybe I should get my own collection of mugs in for the week :)

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