April 30, 2006

Long weekends are bliss

And the best part of them is usually Sunday night: realizing that instead of having to go back to the office tomorrow morning I have another day off.

Although it was the Queensday weekend here in the Netherlands I have managed to stay away from pretty much all of the mayhem. I'm not a traditional Queensday party-goer, but this year I really didn't feel like going out and joining the drunken masses in Amsterdam/Den Haag/Utrecht/wherever. And it was very cold anyway!

But, I did end up having a fabulous weekend!

Last night, I was taken out for a gorgeous Japanese dinner at Genki-Tei. One of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Den Haag, but I'm embarassed to admit that I had never been there before. So, we had a huge meal of all types of kushiyaki, tempura, miso shiru, plain white rice, Asahi & Kirin... hmm, fun evening! Also because I was introducing everything to someone who had never eaten Japanese ever before.

Then today was an incredibly lazy day, at the beach! After yesterday's cold but this morning's bright blue sky, we decided to go to the beach for coffee and lunch. We hung out in this funky place: Strandclub WIJ. The food (and wallpaper!) there is great, I so much want to try out the decadent Sunday breakfast once... it looks amazing! So does the Tuesday night lobster menu, actually.
The sun finally broke during lunch so we moved outside where we chilled out with more coffee, slowly moving on to wine while enjoying the company, reading the paper, loving the sun. Ah, bliss...

And then there's still tomorrow. I don't know why I have the day off, but I'm not complaining. Hopefully I can get some necessary stuff done - job hunting stuff, preparing a meeting, sending off packages to faraway countries, etc. And in between have lunch, hopefully catch some sun and enjoy one of the last days before total chaos starts at the office on Tuesday...


kenta said...

Genki-tei... I'm bit nostalgic when I see this name.. But, yeah, they are one of the best Jap.restaurant in Den Haag, maybe in Holland.

I saw the news about Queen's day.It looks so bad weather.("Hagels" in Flevoland? Wow!) Here, in Tokyo, we have now so warm GW day..(30 degree!)

Goeie reis sowieso!

machiruda said...

kenta! how cool that you're reading :)

Yes, it was pretty natsukashii having so much Japanese food around. Although my dinner date wanted me to show off my Japanese and that failed, because the waiter wasn't Japanese. Typical, huh.

Queen's Day weather was indeed bad. Luckily summer's here now :)