May 01, 2006

Another new book!

I just got back from one of my favourite shops - all shelfs are stacked with travel books, how can you not love a shop like that? - to start a bit of research about my upcoming weekend in Moscow! Yay :-D

Contrary to habit, I ended up buying a different guide than the standard Lonely Planet. I mean, the Rough Guide has a lot more pages, is cheaper, seems to have much more information on the city etc etc. Only drawback appears to be that it's a year older, but I'm sure I can survive my few days in the city on 2005-information.

Btw, the picture above is off the hotel (Metropol) I will most likely spending my first night in... From what I've read about it it seems to be one of the most beautiful hotels in town, so I'm not complaining at all about corporate travel so far!

P.S. Yes, I'm slightly overexcited about this upcoming trip. But hey, I haven't been on an airplane since, oh, January. It's about time again.


Jules said...

One of the few things about corporate travel that does rock is that you (usually) get to stay in nice hotels with someone else picking up the tab.

Hopefully it won't all be filled with work, and you'll get to explore Moscow a bit.

Bevan said...

Russia, interesting. Would like to read more about your trip. Sights, people, scenery etc etc...So don't be shy and enjoy!!

machiruda said...

Jules, am planning two nights privately on my way back home in June. I definitely want to make the best of being there!

The hotel is supposedly a stunning hotel, so am stoked that I'll (probably) be staying there!

Bevan, I'm sure I'll give a full trip report :) Check back early June!