May 04, 2006

Could it really be happening...?

It seems like spring (summer?) is well and truly here. Finally!
Of course, rather than being behind my computer at work and getting immensely frustrated with a bunch of incompetent colleagues I want to be outside. I'll be logging off, getting work done, and hopefully disappearing to a outdoor cafe for a glass of rosé or such.

And to make it even better, I have the first bbq of the year to look forward to on Saturday. Bliss.


Cookie time said...

We had dinner at Van der Werf friday and I drank my first glass of rose there this year. Lovely to be able to sit outside for dinner!!!

machiruda said...

Great, isn't it? Had dinner at the Stadthouder on Friday with, obviously, rose. Then a huge bbq on Saturday. I think I should quit with the rose for a while... I've had my fair share for a couple of weeks, methinks :-/

jonathan even-zohar said...

Relax, it was all a dream. The warmth, the sun and esspecially the goodness of it all....fiction, minds and bodies are working together once again to make the new reality the new uncomfortable reality. :-)

machiruda said...

Jonathan, in my world, the sun is still shining :-D