May 24, 2006

Online - sort of: random impressions

Thanks to Jules I have finally figured out how to post without being able to access blogger. Some things in Kazakhstan are clearly what I had feared them to be  - although involuntary internet rehab might not be so bad ;-)

I have a long post written up on my laptop, at the hotel where I also don't have access, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

For now, a few first impressions:

- it's summer! Warm/hot days, a slight breeze (okay, sometimes a strong wind), couldn't be better.
- about Kazachstan? There is nothing - NOTHING - here. Except for small little marmot-like things who run across the road at the moment our bus races by; loads of antennas and tracking stations; eagles and oh, camels! Spent the first afternoon mountainbiking around the town and a bit through the desert down to the riverbank from where we saw camels and some debri of a failed rocket (okay, that doesn't sound good but in a way still impressive)
- am discovering advantages of being in an almost all-male project team. I only have to blink and I've got coffee in front of me...
- clubbing (well, going to the local disco) feels like being in Japan.
- and I'm turning into a satellite expert. Who'd have imagined that!

Okay, off to lunch, more later.

1 comment:

Jules said...

Yeah, KZ sounds like it took the Chinese "no blogs" thing just one step further (in China, you can log into blogger to post, but can't view your own blog). Glad that there is a way around that.

Also good to see that your co-workers have been trained well in keeping you caffinated!!