April 16, 2006

Name-that-song, by Stef Kamil Carlens

Four-day-weekends are bliss! And it's only halfway, I love it. Can we have this more often?


Last night I was in Rotterdam, at the Motel Mozaique festival. Good night, unfortunately it was way too crowded so we didn't get to see much of many bands though. Quite liked The Veils, which I hadn't heard of before.

Definite highlight of the evening was the Zita Swoon ‘Band in a Box’ performance though. I was reminded again why I like that band so much. Brilliant brilliant gig.

I love how this band performs old songs but in a different way, how their music is actually exciting and unpredictable, how they manage to make their shows different. Although this gig was inside the quite ugly Rotterdam theatre the setting was very nice. The band played in the middle of the space, with the audience sitting on pillows on the floor. About threequarters through the guy in front of us, who was sitting right in front of the singer, jumped up and started dancing. After which everyone automatically jumped up and started dancing.

Although I'm quite happy that this band isn't selling out big stadiums. I prefer them small and being their fun self. Now if only Stef Kamil Carlens would stop wearing only pink and get rid of his earring...

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