April 08, 2006

I will be updating more soon...

... but in most recent good news:

picked up my Russian visa this week! Woohoo!

Don't understand what it says as it's all in cyrillic, but my name is in there, as is the expiry date: 1 April 2007. And it's apparently multiple entry. Ha!

So, I should be learning Russian as I hope to be making maximum use of it over the next year. And if anyone has tips on Moscow (cheapish and safe accomodation, places to eat, things to do) before I get a guidebook, I'd love to hear about it!


Bonny said...

you can have a try on this link http://reservations.bookhostels.com/go2eu.com/index.php
but...I've searched a bit for you, the lowest price is about 20 euros, not every cheap for me though, still... better than nothing:)

machiruda said...

Ha, €20? Sounds fab.
The office we are dealing with in Moscow is trying to make us think that the cheapest things available are $200 standard. There's no way I'm paying that. Compared to those prices €20 is nothing!

bonny said...

Don't know you are sooo easy to get satisfied!Hehe...:)You can check it or try to get in touch with the hostel yourself. Good luck!