May 04, 2008

A Dutch Golden Week

In Japan the first week of May is called 'Golden Week' as it contains three or four public holidays in one week - this year it's about 10 days as my friends tell me.

Here in the Netherlands we have had our own Golden Week this year - Queen's Day, Ascension, a Friday in between on which my company closed down, a weekend, and Liberation day tomorrow where government employees still have the day off. Six days in a row - talk about a Long Weekend.

What I did? Nothing. And it was bliss.

Spent Queen's Day being stuck in the house trying to get better from a bad cold but the days after that were spent lounging around Amsterdam. I love wandering through the city and every time I'm there it strikes me how much variety of things to do and of places to go there is. Were it not for work being in the opposite direction I might actually consider looking for a place there... (that, and the fact that I can't afford this city).

Breakfast outside in the sun, shopping and discovering new fabulous shops (and not being able to decide what to buy therefore not buying anything which I now regret), Hoegaarden and good conversation, good movie (if you're interested in a story about how immigrants are part of - or rather not part of - Western societies, It's a free world is pretty good. Very timely and realistic), and so on.

Back home, shopping for fresh flowers (I love this time of year), fresh food - trying out new recipes at home, chilling out, reading books, and getting excited about next week's party. Wheee.

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