May 26, 2008


I guess you could say I'm a little bit addicted to guidebooks. Although I try to keep it simple - so when I'm just in a new city for a day or two I won't bother. And I try to borrow books from others if I'm really really broke.

But anyway - I bought a guide book to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, because well - even if I'm there for work, I'm still there for six days which in my mind warrants the book (not that I've actually looked at it yet of course).

Except that I'm not actually in KL for six days.... out of the preliminary five day working schedule, I think I'm only spending 1,5 days in the city itself. Very excited, although to be fair I think meetings in the city for an extra day would be more useful workwise. I've been a good girl and suggested that to my colleagues as well. We'll see what happens.
But still - I really should've bought the full-on Malaysia guide apparently.


Jules said...

I spent 24 hours in KL when I was working for Emirates. Here are my two tips on having fun in KL:

1. If you want to go up the Petronis Towers, go early in the day and buy a ticket. Tickets are for specific times only, and may be sold out completely by the time you show up in the afternoon (this was my "I learnt it the hard way" lesson).

2. The Shangri-La Hotel has fantastic yum cha - well worth going to for lunch if you can get a group of you together (yum cha by yourself isn't as much fun).

machiruda said...

Cool, thanks Jules! I've heard very mixed stories about KL - one will say it's deadly boring, another says it's the best city in Asia - so I'm very curious to find out which one is true!