May 27, 2008

The other side

Remember the internal vacancy I applied for a while back? Well - I got it. No surprises there but it will be a hectic couple of weeks. Getting used to a 'new' country and trying to finish the stack of work that's still waiting for my current ones.

The week in KL has now turned into a slight dilemma though. Going there is part of my job - because I have Malaysia in my set of countries. Except that as of the day I return from KL, that isn't the case anymore. Oops. I think my colleagues in KL might not be very impressed with the news.

Oh well. My manager agrees that this is what happens, and I'll just have to make sure to write a good trip report for my successor.


Wiki said...


Jules said...

Congrats on the new job - yay!

As for KL... look at it as a chance not just to find out specific information, but also to develop your skills set, since that is the kind of thing that will be useful in your next job, even if the countries are different.

machiruda said...

thank you!

And yes, Jules, that will be what I'm doing. This is a very new kind of trip for me and while it's very exciting it's also pretty scary. Am discovering that parts of my job come with a pretty steep learning curve, so to speak, but so far it's all good :)

iggy said...


Well done machi :)

fenneke said...

congratulations! and i agree with the wise words of Jules.