May 04, 2008

Birthday cake

It's time for a new culinary experiment - please send all good (and simple!) recipes for yummy cakes my way, so I can attempt to make the most delicious (and do-able) sounding option.



Jules said...

Not a recipe, but... The Australian Women's Weekly makes an excellent cake cookbook for Kids' Birthday Cakes, which you can buy on ( - they are really creative and amazing cakes, and are also really easy to bake and decorate.

machiruda said...

Thanks for the tip Jules. Too late for me to get it now, but might put that on my wishlist :) I was actually looking through my copy of Oz Women's Weekly 'Sweet Old-fashioned favourites' which has some yummy stuff too (and the typical Australian things as well like pavlova, lamingtons, etc so good for a bit of nostalgia) but it all looks a bit too complicated for me :-/

Cookie said...

my current favorite and SO easy to make is the lime pie from BBC Good Food