April 29, 2008


Looking at the blog it has been very silent here huh....

So, what has been happening:

* work is great - the event I mentioned in my previous post went pretty well; the project I've been working on for the past few months is finished, but I'll be continuing with it in a project management role; and am going to apply for an internal vacancy - very similar to what I do now but it's bigger and better, obviously.

* weekends have been relaxed without major events. Quite good actually.

* and I'm now on the eve of a six-day weekend. Bliss. Three holidays coinciding and a weekend in between makes for almost a full week of doing nothing. Well, I'm sure it'll fill up soon enough with a dj-gig of Simian Mobile Disco, helping friends in their new house, and mostly just hanging out in the city (although I don't know which one yet).

Oh, and did I mention my worktrip to Malaysia is booked? Woohoo!

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