April 13, 2008

A new week: exciting things

I'm quite excited about this upcoming week. It's going to be really busy, no doubt, mostly at work - but it's filled with fun stuff.

Tuesday is mostly when all of that is happening.

* the last week or so in the office has mostly been taken up by the preparation of Tuesday's event - something that came up last minute, officially speaking isn't really part of my actual work and I think just about everyone thinks I'm crazy for continuing to think I/we could pull this off. It's one of the biggest things so far which I've had to do, and despite all the negativity of the last week I think I've managed to put together a great programme. Hopefully my inbox tomorrow will be filled with lots of emails of people attending and there won't be any cancellations of speakers. *fingers crossed*

* when I come home from that event, I will suddenly find my house occupied by a temporary flatmate - my boyfriend. I don't think I've ever really lived in such close proximity with someone else (because my house really is tiny). I'm probably overanalyzing it, and I really do look forward to it, but well - it'll be an interesting experiment!


Bernadette said...

Good move or not?
Depends on how temporary temporary is... ? And of course on the guy!
Before you know it you'll be turning 'burgerlijk', regular job, regular boyfriend....

Bernadette said...

probably a good move...you seem to be quite busy with your temporary roommate ;) hence the lack of updates on your blog?

machiruda said...

humm, i guess you're right. it has been a while huh. not sure if you have the right reason for it though, there just doesn't seem to be much to blog about lately!