January 12, 2008

I almost forgot: Madrid

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So, yes, we also went to Madrid. I forgot about posting about it - maybe because it didn't really leave an impression. Or maybe because I was so overwhelmed by Morocco.

Well, within the time that we had, we didn't do that much anyway. Walked around, stalked the staff at all the Camper-shops, had lunch, coffee, and headed back to the airport.

The area I liked most was Chueca (sp?) - great little shops and coffee places. Really cool.

Would like to go back once to spend a weekend there, do the museums, eat tapas and drink wine until late at night, discover the nightlife - but for now, it's not that high on my list anymore.


Julia said...

We checked out some bars in Chueca this time too (we always stay in nearby Malasana). Love this area!

Cookie said...

I think Madrid deserves a little more credit, but it was probably after all that beauty in Morocco and the lack of time to get a good impression of the city. I'm more than happy to make it up for you end of the month when I'm in Madrid again :-)

Wiki said...

i can only agree with cookie!!!