January 26, 2008

Two down, six to go

As mentioned before, Rotterdam is completely absorbed at the moment by the filmfestival. As am I, for a few days.

The change going from one movie to another always surprises me.

Yesterday I first saw The best of times, the latest movie from Russian directer Svetlana Proskurina. A thoughtful movie about two women and the love/hate relationship between them throughout their lives after loving the same man.
Then it was time for REC, a Spanish blockbuster and as far removed from the previous film as you could imagine. I had already read a friend's review which made me somewhat prepared. Hilarious horror - gross, but done very well.

Next up today are:
It's hard to be nice
De verloren kolonie

Later this week will be:
881 (my attempt at fitting something Japanese in there, but it turns out to be Singaporean. Oh well, close enough)
Black Snow

Yay, can't wait. So, for now, back to Rotterdam, where I'm being taken out to a mystery restaurant before hitting the cinema's again.

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