January 06, 2008


You would expect to pick up some Arabic while travelling in Morocco. Not true. But, my French is making remarkable progress though.

We're on our last day in Morocco, and things are uhm, going differently from expected. It's still all good though.

Proper updates later of course. For now this:

the good - wonderful food; amazing sights and smells and sounds in Marrakesh; stunning views across the High Atlas; driving through no-mans-land on our way to the ocean; a hot Moroccan hammam after spending a day in the freeeezing cold.

the bad - it's too bloody cold; being stuck on top of a freezing cold mountain for a day and night; the trip being too short.

More later, a bientot!


Bernadette said...

time flies when you´re having fun...
after all those trips alone, how does it feel having a (travel)partner around?

machiruda said...

Actually - my proper last trip alone was 1,5 years ago! Somehow it doesn't feel like that. But to answer your question - it went well. We are remarkably similar in travel styles and travel interests :-)

Yasmeen said...

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