February 17, 2006


Don't you hate those days when the office-network is (partly) down, and denying you access to the most important sites that you use for keeping off utter boredom?
Luckily, as you can see, I can still chat away on here.


But what am I complaining about, the weekend is almost here! Yay!

Last night we went to the Leids Cabaret Festival, the semi-finals. After my ranting on here about our supposed failure to get tickets the theater ended up sending us too many tickets so it even got stressful trying to find a last person to use them all up!

It was fun though. Five contestants for three places in the finals on Saturday. Two guys were really good (or so I thought) although surprisingly one of them didn't get one of the three final places. The jury didn't think he was original enough. Well, the audience was laughing more with him then with some of the others but apparently that isn't quite enough. Two of the other final contestants were well deserved though.

But back to the weekend.
It'll be quiet as I'm spending it in Groningen. Relax a bit, get out of the city, catch up with the parents, etc etc. My mum and I are planning to go to the Buitenplaats museum, which we've wanted to do for, oh, about 2 years now. Supposedly the best part of it is the (sculpture) garden though and I now noticed that that is still closed. Hmm, looks like we'll need to find another way to entertain ourselves. Which reminds me, I need new shoes. :)

On Sunday, I want to go and see We Are Scientists. Apparently this is some new hip and happening band and as I haven't seen a live gig for aaaages this sounds like fun. Unfortunately neither the date or the location (Utrecht) is very convenient, so we'll have to see about that too.


Hmm, I just got sent an email telling me that I'm apparently back-up for yet another colleague. This is starting to become slightly ridiculous.

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