February 26, 2006

Hmm... travel

I should really start making more serious plans for travel this year: I have it in my head to go to China. After looking through these pictures I want to go even more.

Right, let's try to figure out how to make it happen for real.


bonny said...

Well, more than simple!
I'm flying back to China at the end of August, if you like, just buy a plane ticket and follow me!:)

Hehe, those are the pics of Beijing right? Beijing and Shanghai are the most famous cities in China, one is the political center, one is the economical center.

But, by visiting those places, you can never get to know the real China. Going to the remote parts, to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and the poor but pure country life is the sound way:)

I'm planning a tour right after I'm back to China, if you are interested to join us, just MSN me.^^

machiruda said...

Yes, the pictures I linked to are all from Beijing, taken by a friend from Tokyo.

I would definitely not just go to Beijing and Shanghai, it's such a huge country that I would need months, at the very least, to see it satisfactorily... Ah well, daydreaming is always nice (*^-^*)