February 05, 2006

Weekend! Just one thing I forgot...

Well, it's still the weekend but today is not promising to bring much excitement beside preparing my job interview for tomorrow (fingers crossed) and write some more applications.

Got some shopping done though, which was much needed:

* after two years of living without a proper cd-player I finally got a new stereo yesterday. Ah, bliss! I still don't quite understand how I lived without for so long.
* to celebrate I got cd's from Arctic Monkeys and Royksopp. So far, I love them both (after barely one listen but well).
* a desperately needed hairdresser-visit - my hair is red again, and curlier. :)
* new cookbooks: one on soups (as I've got it in my head to make a huge pan of soup on Thursday night as I'm going to get my wisdomtooth cut out on Friday.... scared!) and one on Indian cooking. I don't know why but I've wanted one on Indian food for ages, in the same way that I've been wondering about good Indian restaurants here for some time.
And a bunch of newspapers and magazines to get me through Sunday (in those few minutes that I'm not doing useful stuff... right). Also saw the film The Hours. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. And also made me resolve to find some more Virginia Woolf to read.

After coming back from shopping though, and reading more and more about the escalating cartoon issue, I should've really bought Danish food. While making coffee just now I remembered that I actually have a Danish cookbook (just about all recipes are with cheese and/or butter) so I might just have to finally make something from that this week.

Okay, I'm off to start my Sunday (there's still some fun planned in there, coffee with Cookie probably). Wish me luck for tomorrow!

The coffee this afternoon resulted in more new music: Relax!. Very cool music, thanks Cookie!


Cookie time said...

glad you liked it! Let me know what soup you'll make, i'm always in for more new recipes! I'll post a few nice soup recipes the coming days! Good luck tomorrow and enjoy the rest of the evening (we're watching Godfather part II)

Jules said...

How did the job interview go? Hope it went well!

machiruda said...

I think it went well, actually. It felt more like a comfortable chat than a formal interrogation. I was apparently interviewing for a slightly different job than expected but it sounds amazing. We'll see.... Hope to get a call back by the end of next week...

daniel leussink said...

those teeth.... oeiiii ! i had them pulled when i was 16 or 17, that was not a very fun experience. actullyl i had to go into the hospital twice. one time for both sides. what made it a really bad experience was that the doctor was a real dick. he did not explain a thing, merely said 'open your mouth' and whammm he stukc this huuuge needle in to stop me from getting pain. he was such a dick..
hopefully you can have more luck with the doctor !

machiruda said...

Hey Daniel! Haven't been paying enough attention as I just read your comment. Good thing I did actually, stories like yours are just the ones I didn't want to hear ;)

How's London?