July 27, 2008

Food obsessed

Well, obsessed might be a big word. But I seem to be very preoccupied with the need to be able to bake and cook properly.

Is this me re-lapsing into the '50s and thinking I will never get hold of a man if I can't use my kitchen properly?
Or is it the influence of Ms. Cookie?
Or is it my genes playing up? I am after all the daughter of a kitchen chef.

Whichever it may be I seem to be obsessed about gaining the ability to bake proper pastry/dessert/cake/etc. After a few failed attempts, I seem to have made a successful dessert last Friday. Yumm.

And I can't seem to cook just by putting some ingredients together, and always have to pull out a recipe from somewhere if friends come over.

Well, luckily this weekend all of the above did work well. But that doesn't happen much. But why do I bother? Why is it so important to be able to just whisk up this magnificent meal in the kitchen? Highly frustrating!

Oh, and for inspiration of this post I had a look at my food challenges from a few years ago:
* bake desserts and cakes;
* grow my own herbs;
* use more non-standard kitchen utensils;
* take better care of cut-out recipes;
* use more seasonal foods;
* cook more Japanese.

Well, except for #2 & #5 I'm improving so I'll stop complaining!

1 comment:

Cookie said...

don't start blaming me missy!! If I were to blame you would have made glorious cakes *runs*