July 24, 2008


In a little over a month I'll be spending a short three weeks in the US. Finally. I've talked about wanting to go for a long time, but now I'm actually going. Can.Not.Wait.

But - I can't really make up my mind where to go. I will most likely be spending the first four days or so in Washington DC (but just heard that the friend I will be seeing will actually be here until around the day I was planning to leave the city - so those plans might still change), a few days (up to 5 days, I think) somewhere else and a week in NCY. The problem is those couple of days in between. I'm reading and researching but can't really figure out where to go, what would be good (I want something non-city) and what is accessible enough (I don't want to drive).

[edit, i just re-read a message from DC and apparently I have use of a car while I'm there. Not sure if this guys knows what he's getting his car into, and not sure if it's such a good idea for me, but it gives me some more options maybe]

So, I need your help. Vote, on the left-hand side, and let me know what you would do.

(There is a very vague option of going up to Maine, but I don't expect that to happen)


Jules said...

I voted "other" - either Maine or maybe even Amish country in PA.

Cookie said...

I have a couple of guidebooks for that part of the US if you want to research your options!

machiruda said...

Hm, interesting suggestion Jules - I'll have a look what PA (Pennsylvania, I'm guessing?) would be like.

Cookie - that might be handy, although I do have parts of the USA LP covering these areas (apart from Maine etc)

Kae said...

Boston - 3.5h by train or bus. Crumchowder & historic site. I'm going this wkend.
Philadelphia - 2h by train or bus. ROCKIE!
Niagara Falls - Take a flight or a over-night bus. It's within a possible distance if you have 2 days. You don't need more than 2 days!
Long Beach/Coney Island/Hudson Valley - Nice neighbourhood within 30m to 2h by train. Check them out!