July 07, 2008

Afghanistan stories

I recently stumbled onto a travel blog of a Dutch woman who is walking from Amsterdam to Tibet. Yes, you read that correctly, she's walking.

I found the blog at the time that she was walking through Tadjikistan - I just read her latest posts which are of crossing the border into Afghanistan. Although the stories and pictures are fascinating I can't stop thinking that you have to be crazy to be doing a trip like this....

Travel stories seem to fascinate me at the moment, especially those going through Central Asia. I just finished Colin Thubron's Shadow of the Silk Road which I loved. I especially liked that he doesn't only describe what he sees, but he really ties together the long history of the area and talks a lot about the people he meets. Now waiting is also 'On the Road to Kandahar' - a report by a military journalist (I think) of travelling Afghanistan and Iraq.

Fascinating stuff. And good for dreaming up new destinations (although I won't be bothering my boss for tickets to Kabul any time soon I think - but Kyrgystan or there abouts would be good.... but then I need a different job).

(ps, the blog is slow as I have very irregular connectivity at the moment. Oh, and no inspiration)

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danielleussink said...

Hi there Mathilde, - Ohisashiburi - that's a long time ago!

If you're interested in stories about walking in Afghanistan, checkout some of Rory Stewarts work. He wrote a book about it too, while walking through the country. His story is amazing.

Checkout his website here:

and here:

and Wikipedia here: