December 12, 2007


In April of this year, I had never been to Antwerp, Belgium. Ever. Which is strange considering I've travelled across half of the world, and Antwerp is much closer than even my parents' house.

So, it was time to change that.

I guess I liked it so much that I went back last month.

Weirdly enough, I am going again on Sunday (for the essential Christmas shopping) ....
How does that happen? Not go to a close-by very fun city for 28 years, and then go three times within six months?


Kinpatsu said...

Haha, you're hooked too? I'm going again the 28th, time to get rid of that Christmas bonus! Let me know if you find any cool shops that I don't know about!

Cookie said...

I love Antwerp! We're going to Leuven next weekend, no time to shop though I'm afraid (though we are making a stop at the Carrefour along the way)