December 18, 2007

Well, that was fast

In my current work I don't do anything with Japan. In the interviews I made clear that, despite my cv being so much about Japan, I really was okay with it; that I was looking for something else; that I really hoped to do some different things.

Despite all that, it's probably almost inevitable that it'll pop back in my career at some point. And that's fine - in five years or so I wouldn't be surprised if I would love to do something Japan-related again.

I was pretty much offered the Japan-job today. I was pretty sure it would happen at one point in this job (it's just silly to have a Japan-job, but not have it worked by the only Japanese speaker in your department) but not within three months!

I said I'd think about it, but that my initial reaction was not to take it as I'm so happy doing something quite different right now.

Weird huh.