November 28, 2010


Coming back to this blog after 6 months is kind of interesting. I guess over the past years it really has become kind of a diary, where I talk about the things I'm busy with and think about.

Yesterday, I wanted to use 'The Future' as a new tag. Or so I thought. It turned out the tag already existed and I used it a couple of times in the years before. In one post I talk about the prediction a friend made about me starting a PhD in the next few years. Hmm. In an earlier post I talk about finally having found a 'goal', having found an answer to the dreaded question 'Where do you want to be in five years from now'? Funnily enough, I've been asking myself that question lately but the answer that came up a few years ago wasn't included now. While I know it is something that is very important to me. Due to recent events I just need to become more creative in realising it. One to consider again I think.

A few minutes ago, I again thought I used a new tag, 'Africa'. But there it was also! This time about a previous IDFA-post, which has clearly been a constant over the last few years.

I find it quite interesting to read back, and see what I have been busy with over the past few years. And reading all of that, I don't think much has changed. Even if I do feel my life has changed (or is changing) since then....

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