November 27, 2010

How to write

The title of my last post - again a month ago - and the final paragraph of that same post, talk about inspiration.

Because of the things I'm doing. Because of the people I'm meeting. Because of the conversations I'm having.

For the past 1,5 weeks I've been on a break from work. Much needed as it has been - again - far too busy and hectic for my own good. [Everytime I go back to work after a short break I resolve to keep my work schedule in check and to keep the work load manageable. I still haven't figured out a successful method to do that. Does anyone have a foolproof suggestion?]

For several reasons I decided to spend these short two weeks at home, and not travelling to Berlin, Spain or even somewhere further away. And I'm loving it!

I spent three days at IDFA, seeing 10 incredibly different documentaries from all over the world:
* about people surviving in a tough environment
* about people trying to change their life but failing
* about people trying to change their life and succeeding
* about decisions - by governments, by large companies - changing the fate of communities
* about forgotten parts of the world
* about places we all know
* about the past
* about the future

I also had a friend from abroad visiting for a week, just after she had broken up with her boyfriend. It was fantastic having her here for so long (usually it's just a day or two we have to catch up) even if the reason wasn't so nice. It also meant many discussions on relationships and what we want out of life.

During this time I've been slowly reading Stones into Schools - a sequel to the earlier book Three cups of tea. It follows the endeavours of an American with his team of Pakistani and Afghan men to build schools in the most remote places of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Like the first book, it really shows how you can make so many things possible in an environment which seems without hope. Amazing stories.

It has also been good to not be at work and to not be distracted with all the chaos surrounding it.

So now I'm staring at my screen trying to think how to write down all the stuff that's spinning in my head. Without actively spending time on it - though I had planned to - I think I have a better idea of what's ahead. And I'm excited about it. But there's more and I want to do something with it.

But maybe I should just let it spin for the moment, and see what happens....

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