September 14, 2008


* US Open Final
* Seeing whales do somersaults
* 25C weather 2,5 weeks straight.

* a non-public 9/11 memorial
* not seeing any non-city
* many many sites under renovation (mostly disappointed about the Congress and the UN Security Council)

Best dinners (not necessarily best food, though)
* at Annapolis wharf
* at Brighton Beach
* at The Garage

Surprising sights
* US network television
* Squirrels! Everywhere!
* a man praying in a nightshop

Most impressive sights
* the view from the Empire State Building
* the Guggenheim museum
* Library of Congress

Best shops
* Kenneth Cole
* Urban Outfitters
* St. Mark's bookshop

1 comment:

fenneke said...

(just wondering) why was US network television surprising?