September 14, 2008

Home, but not quite

After a long and hectic trip back to the Netherlands, I am finally home again. But it doesn't quite feel like it as I am not surrounded by mounds of laundry and cool new things that I bought. The only thing in my house physically reminding me of my trip right now is a poster of the Guggenheim museum. Everything else is in my backpack - which is lost.

Statistically speaking, I'm sure it will turn up, but I'm getting slightly anxious now and am starting to think of things I need to buy tomorrow if it doesn't show up soon!

Very frustrating. The not-so-fun side of travel.

1 comment:

Kae said...

OMG... How could it be happening to you!? I'm sure it will arrive at your place as your backpack is missing you too!
I've done loads of laundry washing towels, bedcover & sheets for 3 persons. Now I'm ready for dipressing Monday morning...