June 14, 2008

Malaysia pictures

Am making use of my first day at home to unpack and get some of my photos that I took online. Here are a couple to see, the rest with a few explanations are on flickr, as always.

View from KL Tower

Late night supper with friends on Saturday night - a great welcome to KL!

Palm trees all over the place, and now I finally know and understand where palmoil comes from.


jason said...

hello Machiruda,
If I remember correctly, you had left a thread on LP's Thorn Tree about the Tohoku region in Japan. That thread is no longer available, and I wanted to contact you about it, but could not find an email for you ~ hence I"m trying to contact you this way. Sorry.

I"m travelling to Tohoku this year, and need some more in depth information that your posts provided. Can you please re-post / email / or are they on this blog somewhere? ( I couldn't find it )

thank you!

machiruda said...

Hi Jason,

wow, i can't believe you found me here - I'm happy to help with your questions of course, though i haven't posted that thread elsewhere (yet).

can you email me at machiruda @ gmail . com ?