June 08, 2008

Palm trees, palm trees, palm trees

That was pretty much all I saw while getting closer to the airport at Kuala Lumpur, and on the drive from the airport to my hotel. I'll be getting a closer look on Friday - when I'm visiting an oil palm plantation - which is what almost all of these palms are used for.

And also: my room is on the 20th floor and looks out straight to KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers! Pretty amazing view, pictures to follow of course.

Work starts tomorrow - last night was spent catching up with a Malaysian friend and his family who I met 13/4 years ago in Australia. Great way to get introduced to KL and Malaysian food, and of course to see an old friend again after 10 years. Today, more good food with a colleague and her family at lunch. A few work things that didn't go so great, which is why I'm now at a computer, but will be off to do more sightseeing soon.

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Cookie said...

have fun!