March 27, 2008

Why I love my job

Although I've been in this new job now for 7/8 months I am still really enjoying it. I am amazed at how quickly life turned around last August, that all of that is still lasting, and I usually walk out of my office quite happy after another interesting day.

I just wrote a rundown of all the different things I did today to give you an idea of why I love my job. Boring, I know. But, since I recently discovered that this blog is not nearly as anonymous as I thought it might be, I won't bother after all. You'll have to take my word for it that it's fun and exciting.

And the best news of this week: my work trip to Kuala Lumpur is pretty much fixed! Woohoo.


Jules said...

When are you going to KL?

machiruda said...

The dates tend to shift per week, but currently 9-13 June is looking pretty definite :-D