March 12, 2008

*bounce bounce* [2]

It's one of those days again - bouncey, happy, chaotic, but fabulous.

I don't know if it's just a good day, or if it's the light, or if it's the little things that happened today (dress compliment from a random stranger, work compliments, exciting projects) but I'm pretty much dancing through my house tonight.

Not even the stack of tax letters and various other boring and frustrating administration papers can get me down.

Whereas over the past few weeks I've been locking myself up a little bit, not going out much during the week, early nights and keeping my weeks pretty empty - from now on my agenda is rapidly filling up with loads of fun appointments with friends and events to go and do. And I can't wait. Yay. Looks like I'm returning more to 'me' again.

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