November 04, 2007


My Saturday night:

1) seeing and hearing a trio breathtakingly play a piece by Novak on piano, cello and violin at the Pianola museum. Absolutely stunning.
2) frustratingly watch a group of friends try to find eachother in different parts of the city by frantically calling and texting. Sigh.
3) playing with all the cool kiddie science gadgets at NEMO. Whee!
4) cheering for the architects competing Idols-style to win a prestigious building project at ARCAM.
5) loving the chocolate letters at El Hema.
6) being bored while lounging between the Rembrandts at the Rijksmuseum (although I did love the chocolate fountain!).

Yep, I think those were the highlights of the night.

Where I still want to go to? The Museum of Bags and Purses!

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