November 22, 2007

Good food!

Have been trying out some new restaurants lately, very very good:

- last week was lunch at the Zijlstroom, a newly renovated restaurant on the outskirts of the city. Would love to try out the dinner menu there once too....

- dinner this weekend at Scheltema, another new place which doubles as a theatre complex. Much more posh than expected but good!

- today was an unexpectedly good lunch at Shirasagi, what was supposed to be a casual lunch with Koreans turned into a visit to a place where I've wanted to go for ages - great sushi and sashimi followed with nabeyaki udon. Yumm!


In other (bad) news, the airline switched our flights which means that instead of flying home from Madrid at 7pm in January, we now have to get up ridiculously early to leave with the rescheduled flight at 7am. Argh! Guess I'll have to wait a bit more to see Madrid....

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