November 26, 2007

Good news day!

* I heard from a long lost friend from Australia. She was one of my best friends when I lived there, but we've lost contact since a few years. Out of nowhere I got an email this afternoon from her telling me that she's in Europe (woohoo) and.... moving to the Netherlands next summer! So so cool. Can't wait :-D

* after the disaster of involuntarily having our flight from Madrid to Amsterdam rescheduled about 12 hours earlier last week, we managed to cancel that flight, get our money back, and book a much better flight late that evening. Yay.

* I am most likely going to be involved in a very cool project at work as off January. Fingers crossed it all goes like I want it to!

* am also busy at work with setting up what could be a very interesting meeting. So hoping that this will work!

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