September 12, 2007


Things are good. I think I'll like this job (and am scared I have expectations that are much too hight).

For now though, I'm being overwhelmed with lots of information and trainings and so on, but it's all good. Getting to know lots of new people but they seem fun.

But, there's good stuff ahead:

tomorrow - an event on Indonesian human rights
friday - great night out in Amsterdam. yay.
saturday - a taiko-gig! so cool, I'm going to be so homesick for Japan after that.
sunday - the homesickness will continue after meeting one of my friends from Osaka (if she'll confirm....!).

Yay ((*^-^*))


fenneke said...

taiko, cool! enjoy!

cheruchan said...

Japan is goed :) Vooral een taxi vanaf Ueno-eki naar huis.. En het is weer koeler, joepie!! xx

machiruda said...

Maybe I should bring my sticks and join in? ;-)

cheru! goed te horen, spreek je snel!

fenneke said...

yes, and try if you can break them :-)